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Sh0ck As 18 School Girls Get Defiled And Left Pregnant As Men Responsible Flee.

Parents in Mt. Elgon's Kamuneru area are concerned for their daughters' safety after learning that 18 girls have been defiled and left pregnant.

Men violated the girls from Kamuneru primary and secondary schools, and they have since fled the village.

According to the mother of one of the victims, there is no certainty that they will receive justice because none of the perpetrators has been apprehended by the police.

"I am a resentful mother." My daughter is one of the 18 young women who have been sexually assaulted. The worst thing is that, after reporting the occurrences to the Kamuneru police station, none of the perpetrators has been apprehended since they fled,” one anxious mother added.

She pleaded with the authorities to intercede so that the perpetrators might be prosecuted.

“These ladies will deliver very soon. Who will look after them and their children? As a result, we are pleading with Kenya's authorities to find the perpetrators so that our girls can receive justice,” she said.

Another father revealed that his daughter, who is in second grade, was defiled by a neighbor's son, who then fled the village.

His daughter's academic performance has deteriorated since then.

"In her studies, my daughter used to achieve outstanding results, often coming in first place. "However, her performance has deteriorated since she was defiled," he remarked.

The father expressed his dissatisfaction with her daughter's behavior, claiming that her demands had put a strain on the entire family.

“These days, my daughter is unable to consume the same foods she did before she became pregnant. He continued, "Sometimes she makes demands that I am unable to meet, and this causes me a great deal of worry."

The distraught father pleaded with the criminals' parents to give authorities with any information that could lead to their arrest.

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