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SRD JUNE: Do this if You are Rejected

When the Department of Social Development said that the buffet for social relief funds had been cut, they also said that some people would be cut off so that the money could go to those who need it most. So, they decided to go back and check each beneficiary's application to see if they had any extra money. 

This was finished in May, and Many people didn't get their June grant because their status said it had gone down for different reasons. People are crying all over social media because their applications were turned down for reasons they don't think are valid. For example, a lot of people say that their application was turned down because they have another source of income, even though they don't get any money from anywhere else.

Finally, SASSA has decided to listen to what people have to say, and they are asking anyone who thinks their application was denied unfairly to file an appeal so that it can be looked at again. Those who want to appeal must use the website for the DSG independent tribunal, which is 

After clicking that link, you should go to the place where it says "Click here to file an appeal or check the status of an appeal." Then you will need to enter your identity number, phone number, and the OTP code that will be sent to your phone. They didn't say when the appeal would be granted, but they did say it wouldn't take long. 

Sassa should stop cutting people off like this. Since the budget has been cut, they should also lower the R350 to a new amount that will allow them to give everyone their grant. Right now, they are cutting off people who really need the money. What do you think should be done to speed up the process or make sure that no applications are turned down for the wrong reasons? Write below


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