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Tsonga guy gets Twitter in stitches as he reveals why men from Giyani frequently visit home

Almost every weekend, the N1 road to Limpopo is congested as people from that province drive home. 'Limpopians' based in Gauteng due to work purposes are known for their love of the place where their roots generate from. These people, especially te men, have made a habit of frequently visiting home. Personally, I used to think they travel home frequently because maybe they have left young wives and families back home. But there's actually more behind their regular travel.

Image: N1 traffic to Limpopo.

According to a Tsonga guy, those of them who grew up in Limpopo, Giyani to be precise know of a way to grow their manhood. Collen Sambo revealed that sangomas back home have given most men a tree to plant. They will then need to trim it or else things will get out of hand. The reason they go home often is to make sure that their trees are trimmed regularly to avoid excessive growth. Sambo says the tree must be planted far away from people to avoid problems. Things will get out of hand if people can tamper with your tree, he adds. It is advisable for an individual to trim their own tree and avoid sending others as they won’t know the right size. "It’s better you do it yourself," Sambo warns. Apparently one needs to make sure that they plant the tree far away from people but make sure that they don’t forget the place.

Image: Collen Sambo.

Sambo's revelation got many tweets in stitches. But as much as this subject may be funny, rumor has it that it is true. Speculation is rife that men from Giyani are obsessed with that department, well, that and building nice mansions back home. Tsonga men from Giyani hardly settle down in Gauteng...maybe it's all because of their trees back home.

So, next time you find yourself stuck in traffic to Limpopo, exercise patience because there are men who are rushing to get home to trim their special trees.


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