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Funerals are treated differently these days. A corpse was unexpectedly displayed in a glass coffin

Trends have come and gone, but this one seems like is gonna take the internet by storm. Some may call it lack of respect for the deceased but some say it is a new way of doing things and is part of evolving. After reading this article you detertermine for yourself if is really ok to operate this way in this day and age.

In a video that was shared on twitter by "Shonny", a corpse was displayed in a transparent coffin dressed in a pure white formal suit.This coffin was positioned in such as way that the corpse will be standing. According to the more visuals of the video, this happened whilst the funeral gathering was inprogress. This meant that every individual who was attending this funeral was able to see the corpse because in was in their view.

Photo credit: Twitter.

If this is how people are gonna start directing furnerals then we need to start thinking about our children in the society because there is a high possibility that they may be traumatized by this. Besides that, people who are attending the funeral may lose concentration or fail to pay attention at the gathering when things are done like this. Share your thoughts regarding this matter and engage with fellow readers.

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