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SO SAD || South African Man Kills 13-Year-Old Boy Because Of Fruits, Here Are Details Of What Happen

A tragic story has struck in South Africa which left many people in shock after a report of a Klawer man killing a boy because of fruits. The Klawer man admitted that he killed 13-year-old Jerobejin van Wyk who went missing after picking fruit from his garden last week, according to his lawyer.

"He admits the murder," said Sannie Human, who will represent him in court in Klawer on Monday. "He knows what he did was wrong," Human told News24. 

She predicted it would take some time before the case reached the point where he could plead guilty, but after initially denying the murder, he later admitted his guilt. Police discovered human remains at the man's residence on Thursday, and he was arrested.

On Wednesday, a small Western Cape town's youth went missing after he was chased for stealing fruit from a yard in Second Avenue.

In his statement, the man said he layout black garbage bags, put Jerobejin's body on it, and began chopping him up, according to Netwerk24.

Afterward, the bags were torched, and the teen's bones were flushed down a garbage disposal pipe.

According to Netwerk24, Jerobejin was also known as Terence among his family and friends. Rather than ask for bail when he appears in court, Human said her client intends to offer financial compensation to the teen's family in the interim.

In the boy's friend's account, the two were given grapes and then strolled by a mango tree in the yard of a man, where they saw ripe mangos. They picked him, and he emerged.

In a bakkie, he pursued them. Jerobejin was never seen alive again after the child snuck into a trash bin.

"This is the worst and most gruesome deed I have witnessed in my life," said Billy Claasen, a farmworkers rights lobbyist, when the remains were found. 

By Sunday afternoon, authorities were unable to provide an update on a definitive identification of the remains found at the murder scene.

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