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Vaccinated customers bans from the store. See what people noticed

Freedom and responsibility are mutual and inseparable; we can ensure enjoyment of the one only by exercising the other. Freedom for all of us depends on responsibility by each of us. To secure & expand our liberties, therefore, we accept these responsibilities as individual members.

The world has administered 6 billion doses of COVID vaccines to 3.4 Billion people. For people waiting for more data before getting the shot. The data is in, They have vaccinated nearly half of all humanity. The vaccines are safe.

Your decision whether or not to get Vaccinated can be a life-or-death determining factor for somebody else who did get Vaccinated but gets in a car wreck or needs dialysis - something that they won't be able to get because of all the unvaccinated people filling up the hospitals.

We know is too bad hospitals can’t make a personal decision and treat vaccinated people first and foremost for all ER, regular scheduled surgeries, medical procedures, etc. Unvaccinated should be last in line.

In South Africa they said in coming few months people who are not Vaccinated, they won't be able to travel the world without proof that shows that you're Vaccinated. But seems like people don't take this vaccination thing seriously. Maybe hospitals, retail stores should start requiring proof of vaccination. It could come to that, and perhaps it should. People doing the right thing for the public health are being held hostage by those who would harm us. We don't care if they get a vaccine or not if they'd just stay home.

See the picture below of what people noticed on "Aussie Business owner.

Please let's stop the virus, if your not vaccinated, go to get a vaccine. And If your vaccinated you're still infecting people. Go back to your double mask. Together we can make it to stop the virus.

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