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CAROLINE: I fight for FOOD at funerals not for MEN

It is well known that people fight for what they want for themselves, and thus, this time around, Caroline Rathabe makes it clear that she won't be an individual who is going to fight for the next person while she can only focus on fighting for food at funerals.

She is making it clear that her lifestyle dictates that she is going to only consider making sure she gets more food at funerals, and the event she is talking about is not an ideal place. It is a situation where people are having heavier hearts, and she will be focusing on food.



People are seeing different outcomes in how they handle funerals these days. In a place named Sasolburg in the Free State of the Vaal triangle, it is well known that some people only go to funerals and grab a meal of whatever is being served.

They attend funerals just to eat, and it is a usual lifestyle for certain people within the area and a normality for them. For other people, it is a different and surprising story. As for Caroline, she is different and focuses only on food. People are really living a different lifestyle.



She is not the only person in favourable to what Caroline says. You may also have your own take on the situation, which will provide you with the most useful information.

From the comment section, their response to what Rathabe said on her social media account:

1. KASI: They are only fighting because there is money available.

2. DINNY M: She agrees with Caroline about how they will embarrass them in public.



3. SEBATANE: You fight for him and tomorrow he will be back with the very same person. She was having a fight with him to her side.

4. THEE: His response is different as he says. It is a way of saying the PIAN GIFTS are not enough, as she posted them on her timeline.

More of the women in the comment section are supporting Rathabe on the lifestyle. She is making it public about how it will not give them some embarassing moments and as they are saying the other gender will eventually apply it to them.

Your thoughts?

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