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OPINION|| Apartheid Built Houses & Schools For Black People Soley For This

Apartheid built houses and schools for black people solely to provide cheap labor to the masters. 

Black people had little land and lived in poor communities, their businesses in the townships were only for survival and had no potential to grow. It was impossible for their company to expand, and this is still the case. 

Black people still don't own land, did not benefit from apartheid's wealth, are still marginalized, and live in poverty and crime-ridden societies. As a result, the free market is just an idea.

Private businesses currently treat their employees badly, paying them low wages and forcing them to work long hours, perpetuating apartheid's scars.

Thankfully, the majority of our black people are educated, and the government has hired them as teachers, police officers, nurses, doctors, and other positions. They are paid on time, work for a reasonable amount of time, and are given days off. 

This makes socialism the better option because it doesn't matter how much money you have; you can still improve yourself....WHAT YOU THINK? LET'S TALK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION 

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