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Before Execution, The Eyes Of The Criminals Have To Be Covered; See The Reason

Death by execution is one of the most painful and severe penalties available to criminals. It is usually used to punish persons who have committed significant crimes.

Executions can take many various forms, including death injection, electric chair, head cutting, or hanging.

Regardless of the method of death, the person being executed always has his or her eyes covered. So, what is the point of covering one's eyes? Is there any point to it?

If you've ever seen an execution, I'm sure you've noticed that people who carry out the execution also hide themselves in some way. One of the reasons individuals carrying out the executions cover their faces is to conceal their identities, as many of them dislike being recognized in public. Some of them also dislike staring at the executed person's face since they, like other humans, are human and can be quite emotional.

So, why do we need to conceal the eyes of the person who is about to be executed? One reason is to keep the person calm because he has no idea what is going on around him, allowing the process to go smoothly and without interruption. This eliminates any unnecessary motions that could cause the process to be disrupted.

Also, because most of these executions are carried out in front of witnesses, it is extremely painful to look at someone's face, especially as they are about to die; some of these witnesses are usually family members, hence the victim's face must be covered.

Some countries cover their complete faces up to the neck, while others merely cover their eyes. The person who is being executed must stay calm; if he becomes agitated, the process will be slowed and the individual may suffer a great deal of agony; the goal of the execution is not usually to cause pain, but rather to eliminate the person.

But, while I do not believe that capital penalty is the greatest approach to punish offenders, I do believe that countries should seek out better alternatives, what do you think? Please let me know what you think in the comments area below.

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