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Police Uncover A Big Drugs Manufacturing Hub In Soweto

The hopeless south african youth have given themselves up to the very addictive and expensive banned substances,considering the fact that more than 70 percent of the south african youth is unemployed,this trend can very well be attributed to the very same fact,unemployment is known to be one of the most frustrating element,people are trying by all means to distract themselves from the sad realities cast upon them by the unemployment,some are resorting to alcohol while others are going the drugs way.Depression is the real issue in south africa,no body including the government,seems to care that much about the dying south african youth.As the levels of depression hits the south african youth hard,some of the people are capitalizing on their weaknesses and thus exposing them to the habits that would practically destroy them.The drugs manufacturing hubs are becoming the biggest underground industry,making millions for the selfish individuals and destroying millions of the hopeless south africansThe members of the South African Police Services have bursted the a big drugs manufacturing hub in Soweto,the tip off from the concerned community members has materialized and one suspect has been arrested,the police believes that there are many people that are yet to be arrested in connection with that drug manufacturing industry.The once beautiful,full of talent Soweto which is the home for many celebrities and the largest south african township has become a crime scene,The police seems to have generally lost control of crime in the province of Gauteng.Things have drastically changed for the worst in the south african economic hub.The drugs are all over the place and the commission of a very heinous crimes have become the new normal,the members of the communities have given up their beloved communities to the criminal gangs who are pushing a very selfish and dirty agendas for the personal gains right infront of the people.People don't want to be labelled the spies,thus keeping their noses out of other people's businesses.

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