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Sangoma Revealed Something That Left Meiki In Fear - Skeem Saam

The Sangoma Revealed A Man Who Could Be Leeto's Father And The Curse That has been set on Meiki 

Meikie has been reviled and the individual liable for this is as yet unclear ut mzansi is as of now speculating something off-putting about her conduct. In around evening time's scene Meikie and Maputla would counsel a sangoma as John recommended last week Friday. 

The sangoma uncovers that a stunning condemnation has been put on Meikie. As per this evening's scene there is a man that the sangoma finds in his vision when he through borns. I realize you currently pondering who could be answerable for her conduct. However, one thing we really wanted to know is that there's consistently an explanation for. 

Mzansi really wanted to speculate thay it very well may be reviled by Leeto's natural dad. Truth must be uncovered, Meikie is concealing something that should changes everything including her cherished family. 

Recall wjen Leeto ask John wbout hie genuine dad. He said that he doesn't seem as though him or the remainder of his family. John said that he resemble Meikie's uncle. Presently the sanhoma saw a man....question could this man he saw be Meikie's uncle or the dad of Leeto. 

Meikie should just confess all and tell Maputla. Possibly Leeto's genuine guardians are the ones who put that revile. In reality consider the possibility that Meikie took Leeto from Maroti's first spouse. Who knows The lady is fit for anything. Meikie has violated many individuals perhaps it's the genuine dad of Leeto he need his son...... she should simply tell John every bit of relevant information any other way the revile will continue to torment her. 

We are calmly hanging tight for that tailor who concurred on making another red dress for Meiki. Trust she actually got her estimations or she will wind up conveying a size little for Meiki that doesn't look like the former one. I have never seen two individuals who cooperate however never concur on anything like Babiele and the other police Malebana. They differ in all things and each case nowander address tackle nothing 


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