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Road Accident

Action-packed Shootout Between SAPS & A Most Wanted Hijacker

ELSIESRIVER. All the action when a jailbird in orange attire highjack a motorsport BM, with the police in hot pursuit, cracking their firearms.

The whole incident has really been shocking and clearly the suspect was also in shock because the whole incident was intense, so many law enforcers got together and converged on the suspect they were driving so fast that the perpetrator of crime was getting away with that hijacked BMW one series which is the latest model.

So you can rest assured that the suspect was dashing and swerving and there was no way that the incident can really attest to the fact that this suspect didn’t do anything, it is quite the privilege we have never seen however the suspect was incarcerated we have to give him dabs for putting the police on such a high speed chase.

Where they had to really put a huge effort in order to apprehend him the whole incident is really great on ordinary members of the public because the perpetrator of crime has finally been brought to justice, of course the incident has shocked many people and they really want to know about the incident and they also want to bring down the crime that is happening around the country.

The high speed chase has even shocked the community members, where they were forced to come out in numbers in order to watch the whole incident however they couldn’t help.

But also have to duck for cover because there was live ammunition that was being fired by the police in order to bring the suspect to a stop, because they saw how dangerous he was putting the lives of ordinary people on the roads and of course they had to bring him to a stop.

At the end of the day the suspect didn't even want to get out of the car because he was so afraid of the police officers, gunshots could be heard being fired several times while the vehicle was mobile, it seems like the suspect was refusing to stop the vehicle and the police had to get in the chase after the vehicle.

Some officers were on foot while firing in traffic the whole incident has really shocked many people because the police officers are putting the lives of ordinary members of the public in danger that is not how you deal with the suspects, at the end they had the suspect tied up in ropes and lifted by one officer who was really tough.

He was carrying the whole suspect on his own like crates of beer while he was clothed in what seemed to be orange overalls as if he was fresh right out of prison, the whole incident is really strange however the community members were there to watch the whole incident unfold.

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