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Leaner committed suicide after being bullied

Bullies are being too much. Teenagers are killing themselves left and right because of bullies who don't care about anyone but themselves. There is a teenage that is trending on social media , she killed herself after being bullied . Yes , another teenager is lost because of bullies .

Will the bullies ever stop ? If it's not young bullies at schools , it's old ones on social media platforms and work places. Clearly it won't end any time soon because the numbers of suicide are getting higher and higher everyday.

Her parents lost a beautiful princess because of selfishness. One thing that bullies don't realise is that words are very powerful and can destroy a person . They only thing they care about is being cool and getting more likes .

Dear parents check your children , it's not safe out here, the world is full of monsters. May her beautiful soul rest in peace.

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