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Road Accident

Here Is The Reason Why It Is Important To Fetch Your family Member's Soul From The Accident Scenes

As an African people we need to understand that there are some things which we cannot ignore and mostly of people they want to westernise out culture and tradition. It is very much important to fetch the soul of your loved one if they passed away with an accident or in hospital or they were killed in a certain area. People do not want to follow tradition all because it is demonic. The people who passes away their spirit still live with us and they can see each and everything that we are doing. They see all the dangers that we encounter. They can even fight the spiritual battles that we cannot fight on our own.

Sometimes you find that things are not going well in your life as a parent or as a child and when you consult on the matter they tell you that there is a spirit of a certain person in your family that is rooming around. They want to come back home and you find that the person was buried long time ago. What people do not know is that those rooming spirit can cause lot of damage to other people. They can kill lot of people as their souls are not resting in peace. Someone posted on Twitter and said that people should normalize taking their loved ones spirit on the accident scenes and many people shared their experience on it.

Those spirit are turning into ghost and they will start to bother people and some will even take their lives. People should stop modernising our tradition and do what is right. The tradition was set on purpose and each and every rule has a meaning in it. Rooming spirit are very much dangerous and people should take not and make sure that they do the right thing.


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