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In shock : Community Members Storm Municipal Offices To Do This

Ward 21 Majemantsho residents have stormed Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality Offices with their laundry to wash and bath at the same time, the municipal officials are quite shocked to see their community members moving in their offices.

They thought that perhaps this time around things were going to turn very violent and the community would voice out their frustrations in a way which is not conducive, but quite the contrary as the community chose the peaceful way of protesting and they didn’t burn any offices this time around.

So they only chose to wash the clothes because there is no water in their community, and they are considering this as the fault of the municipal officials.

When other people were inquiring about the actions of these community members they said that they don't have water, and that is why they came to use the water which is available.

Ordinary members of the public are laughing about the incident and they’re asking themselves why they had never thought about doing this, surely the municipal officials are going to listen if they do this because striking by burning tires and doing all sorts of things is counterproductive.

It does not incentivize the government to act but if you go to the municipal building and do what is necessary it solves many problems, now they have no choice but to call security and get rid of the people but at the end of the day they would have received the message very loud and clear.

This should open the minds of other people in other areas to change the way that they have been approaching this protesting thing because if you also look at how it affects the ordinary members of the public, you’d see that it is completely unfair.

You must find a way which hits them where it hurts the most and that is in their businesses, not where you are abusing ordinary members of the public to not get to their workplaces by blocking off roads. That is not how these things work, unless you are a truck driver.

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