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She Found Her Classmate Who Was Mad And Sleeping On The Street And Completely Transformed His Life

Wanda, who lives in Kiambu County, Kenya, chose to go to her local market on a mild October morning in 2017. It was a walk she had taken before going to work at the local hospital on many occasions. Since her job as a nurse didn't allow her much time to shop, the first mornings were the only time she could get groceries. Wanja, on the other hand, saw someone she knew that day.

It only takes one moment in life to change your life forever. Wanja Mwaura found it difficult to bear seeing one of her former classmates living on the streets. She made it her job to support him after seeing the pain in his eyes and the shell of a person he had become. You won't believe how this random act of kindness not only changed a man's life, but also motivated a woman to change her life.

Wanja told the BBC that he met Patrick, or Hinga as he was known, in elementary school in 1992. "Throughout high school, Hinga was a fantastic football player. "We named him 'Pelé.'"

He turned out to be Patrick Wanjiru, a former classmate from her past. Of course, she didn't immediately remember him. His scruffy look and filthy clothing almost rendered him unrecognizable. Patrick then reintroduced himself to Wanja, who was completely taken aback.

Patrick performed admirably in his classes when he returned to school. He not only received excellent grades in elementary school, but he also went on to Uthiru High School to further his studies. Unfortunately, things in his life took a very dark turn during his high school years.

Sadly, when they last saw each other, her old friend had fallen on hard times, her life spiraling out of control. Wanja's plight was heartbreaking to witness.

Fortunately, Patrick's journey did not come to an end here, and he was admitted into another high school. Her drug use, on the other hand, continued to wreak havoc on her life and education. He eventually dropped out of school and focused solely on his opioid addiction. His mother became more concerned at this stage and wanted to have him treated at the local hospital.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Patrick disclosed that his downward spiral began when he began smoking cigarettes. After that, he turned to marijuana. It all came down to peer pressure and a desire to fit in with his classmates, according to him. Unfortunately, his latest dirty acts were discovered by the school's teachers, and he was abruptly dismissed.

Patrick left the hospital several times when he was there. He didn't like how he was being handled and complained that the doctors were always stuffing Patrick like a mental patient. The medication started to harm him mentally and physically because he did not have a mental disorder.

Patrick was admitted to Mathari Hospital's psychiatric institution after a recommendation from his old school. Doctors concluded that the medications he was taking were having negative effects on his brain after conducting a series of studies. They decided to admit him as an inpatient, but things did not go according to plan.

Patrick left the hospital to live on the streets after his medication failed and his opioid abuse worsened. He lived alone for over ten years and was saddened by the fact that his family had almost deserted him during that period.

Patrick's actions outside of the hospital, unfortunately, tended to cause him issues. "When he got out of the hospital, he would wander around the neighborhood almost naked or rummage through the garbage," his mother revealed. Unfortunately, Patrick's situation worsened as he became addicted to the opioid Attain.

Wanja bought Patrick lunch and pleaded with him to stay in touch, concerned about his condition and mental state. She gave him her phone number in the hopes that he might call her. Despite the fact that he had been betrayed by everyone he knew, she was not going to let him continue his journey alone.

"What saddened me the most was that my siblings were safe and sound at home with my mother, but I was out on the street," he tells the Daily Nation. He continued, "It was really depressing for me." Patrick's fortunes were about to change when he ran into an old classmate, Wanja.

According to Ranja, drug treatment in Kenya is very costly, and she does not have the financial means to pay for it on her own. She eventually set up a crowdfunding page in the hopes of collecting $ 975 to cover her first nine days' expenses. Unfortunately, at the time, they only earned $ 400.

Patrick stayed in contact with Wanja over the next few days. They caught up with life, and he was so moved by her kindness that he decided to eventually change his ways. Turning your back on drugs and your street life, on the other hand, is easier said than done.

Patrick has undergone a full mental and physical transformation during his time at the rehabilitation facility. He was a new guy at 35, and he couldn't wait to get started on the rest of his life. Things were about to get a whole lot better.

The following are photos of his transformation:

Despite the lack of money, Wanja refused to give up on her friend and pooled her resources to get him into recovery. Patrick was overjoyed and eager to do his best to make his friend proud. Patrick detoxed and gained weight during the first nine days. He was about to embark on a new adventure.

In an interview, Wanja revealed, "People say I changed his life, but he changed mine as well." "I've realized that one small act can make a huge difference in someone's life."

Wanja was able to redirect some of the funds to help Patrick start a company thanks to the generous donations. His nickname in high school was "Hinga's Store," so his name was "Hinga's Store." Patrick's mother ran the company when he was in recovery, hoping for the day he could take it over. Wanja was dubbed a "hero" by many, but she simply believed she had done the right thing.

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