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Mzansi citizens were left Sh0cked after seeing this.

Mzansi citizens were left speechless in shock after seeing the picture of Gecko carrying someone's underwear. This terrified a lot of South African citizens as they realized that witchcraft was being practiced here.

"Witchcraft is real. I thank my ancestors for showing me this gecko that has been sent to take my underwear. I was taking it to its owner so that I could become infertile and my manhood not work anymore. I mean, how cruel is that? The people of Ga-Mphahlele have no heart.Well, I have been a victim of witchcraft and now I go out to help people that have been bewitched. God saved me, and that is why God has given me the healing to go out and safe people from the wicked. Thank you.Amen. I praise my living God, my Alfa and Omega.

We are in a doomed generation. People no longer believe that nature exists, but rather attribute every misfortune to spiritual attacks. May God give you the strength to keep pushing because no one can witness what you have witnessed from ungrateful beings and still have the courage to help people"Said Facebook followers.


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