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Video: Brave Fedility Cash Van Driver Foils A Potential CIT By Driving Away When Attacked

One thing that people must always do, is to never relax or let your guard off whenever you are near or around a cash van, those vehicles are always targeted and once they are targeted, there are casualties and in worst case scenario, innocent people lose their lives as thugs attack the Cash Van and commit a Cash In Transit robbery, just like the driver of this car that was on the way while a Cash Van tried to drive away from a possible robbery.

A Brace Fedility driver put his life on the line when he refused to allow the robbers to take the Cash they never worked for, he fouled their plan and drove away just when they thought they have scored big, he just couldn't allow the thugs carry out their evil plan, surely wherever they are beating themselves up, they thought they will be count ing the cash, but they left empty handed with a damaged car.

A video has emerged on social media where the robbers were attempting to hold a cash van at gun point, they came from different directions at a petrol service station, they approached the Cash Van with their firearms out, just when they got close tonthe van, the driver realised that there is danger and reversed the Van, hitting a vehicle that was being reversed, he also hit the robbers get away vehicle and drove off.

After the Cash Van drove off, the thugs had nothing else to do except driving off as well with empty hands and tails between their legs, they almost left some of the crew members behind when they drive off since they were in hurry, trying to get away from the crime scene as quick as possible.

When you see a cash van at a shopping centre or anywhere, try to keep a distance since you don't know what could happen, they might be targeting it and you find yourself caught in a cross fire.


Content created and supplied by: Shonisani_Cliff (via Opera News )

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