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" In a few years you will be coming to Zimbabwe for greener pastures"

Greener pastures await you in Zimbabwe; plan your move now.

Zimbabweans and South Africans seem to always be at odds with one another. The people of South Africa desperately desire to reclaim their homeland. They demand that Zimbabweans and other foreign nationals be deported back to their native nations. Zimbabweans, according to South Africans, steal their employment and are involved in crime there. South Africans are unwavering on this point, yet some in Zimbabwe harbor hopes that their compatriots may abandon their country in search of better prospects.

In response to a tweet by a well-known journalist in Zimbabwe, one local warned his South African counterpart that he and his people would eventually flee to Zimbabwe in quest of a better life. The South African had previously told the journalist, "You must tell your brother Zimbabweans to settle in their own country and fight for their own right there and must stop coming to our country, South Africa, to ruin the little we have worked for with their everyday criminal acts."

The Zimbabwean told the South African, "Bookmark if you like; in a few years, y'all be moving to Zim for greener pastures."

Many people in Zimbabwe feel that their country will rise again to prominence once South Africa finally collapses. But, as one South African official put it, "South Africa does not agree with this at all." "Never! Nobody from South Africa. If there is something we don't like, we will not hesitate to ask for it to be altered. If there's something you don't like, you should face it head-on instead of running away as you Zimbabweans do. The people of South Africa are a fighting nation. There is no fear among us. Imagine that, Zimbabwe isn't even in our itinerary ".

Truth be told, South Africans have a reputation for sticking it out in their country through the good times and the bad. Even if South Africa was to come apart, I doubt they would travel to other nations in search of greener pastures, especially doing it illegally.

South Africans welcome Zimbabweans back at any time. But for now they need to go home if ever they want things to change for the better. Some Zimbabweans have been pleading with their fellow citizens to return home and vote for a new and improved administration.

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