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Check This happened TO The THIEVES AFTER Being CAUGHT WITH slaughtered cow

Thieves killed after being caught with beef from a freshly slaughtered cow

15th Aug 2022

They allegedly stole a cow from a farm, slaughtered it before cutting it into pieces and transported it to their place.

What they didn’t know was that they were seen and followed.

At around 4am on Sunday morning residents of Mbekweni township in Cape Town were woken by gunshots.

The three men aged 30, 33 and 40 were shot dead as they were offloading the meat at a friend’s shack.

A resident told Scrolla.Africa that just before hearing gunshots, a vehicle came, and the men started offloading something in black plastic bags.

“I didn’t know what they were offloading, and while they were still busy, gunshots went off. I couldn’t even count because it was like in a movie,” added the resident.

The resident said as soon as police officers arrived, she went to see what was happening. “I have never seen so much meat in my life. It looked like a whole cow and they had already put some inside the fridge.”

It’s believed that the men were going to sell the meat to hawkers who sell on the streets and to some chisa nyamas.

“We have heard stories about people going as far as Malmesbury to steal cows, but obviously, they don’t bring live cows here; they slaughter them and bring meat to the township to sell,” another community member said.

“People get excited about getting cheap meat. They know that these guys do not own farms, but getting fresh meat at a cheap price is convenient.”

One of the men was killed inside the vehicle, the second man was shot at the back of the car as he was offloading the bags of meat while the third was shot while taking the meat into the shack.

Brigadier Novela Potelwa said organised crime detectives had initiated an investigation after three males were shot and killed.

“Mbekweni police were called out to Sakhelwe Street at approximately 5:10 am where they discovered the bodies with multiple gunshot wounds,” said Potelwa.

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