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Road Accident

The horrible accident caused by a 13-year-old who stole his fathers car left families in tears

The awful mishap was brought about by a 13-year-old who took his dad's vehicle left families in tears 

Source: 13-bust-for-unlawful driving-after-vehicle crashes-with-taxi-in-ntuzuma-kzn-20211021 

A 13-year-old kid who discourteously took his dad's vehicle ran into a minibus that was moving more than 25 school kids, the mishap ended the existences of in excess of 5 children who were going in the school minibus. 

The police said that the youngster took the vehicle to drive around in the street, sadly, it was anything but a drive around as he caused a significant mishap that will influence for what seems like forever. 

The other driver of the minibus was accused of over-burdening as he had more than 25 children on the minibus, the 13-year-old his In a ton of issue with the law since he was driving without papers. 

The dad of the 13-year-old was likewise charged for permitting a minor to drive without a permit, the police said that the young fellow used to do what he did on the grounds that his folks are permitting him to do it. Does the 13-year-old have the right to be charged for homicide and for taking a vehicle?

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