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Bad news as some Zimbabwean residents were given 48 hours to remove their structures

ZimEye News reported some bad news for some Zimbabwean residents who reside on the Mbudzi Interchange road reserve as they were served with some eviction notices.

The members of the community affected have reportedly been given 48 hours to remove their structures failure to which there will be the use of bulldozers.

This notice will have effects on more than 300 people, but they will be reallocated spaces elsewhere. It is yet to be known where the new space will be at. The warnings by the Harare City Council to use bulldozers if the structures are not removed is not just a statement. This has been witnessed before in other places where the council has removed illegally settled members of the public from places that have not been approved by the government.

Even though the people may decide to move as per request by the Harare City Council, will they get the spaces elsewhere as promised? A promise to allocate the affected people spaces elsewhere may have been made, but it is concerning that there is no time frame as to when that will be done.

It is concerning and worrying that the Harare City Council only gave the affected members of the public only 48 hours to remove their structures.

When the authorities make such bold decisions, they need to consider the people whom they serve as well. If the Harare City Council really cared about its people, it would have worked on the allocation of the alternative spaces so that the affected people are able to move from one point to the other. As it is, it is unknown when the people will be allocated those new spaces.

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