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Lights out: Law enforcers deal with illegal electricity connections at Tjovitjo, Freedom Park

Lights out: Law enforcers deal with illegal electricity connections at Tjovitjo, Freedom Park

While you're here, please follow me.

Freedom Park has been a buzz for news for the past couple of days. The township, located at the wing of Soweto, has been trending on social media and even on the national news for some despicable news. First, 7 security guards were allegedly shot at the dumping site that is opposite Devland Firms. Two days ago, 5 dead bodies were found scattered just around BP garage leading to Devland Firms. The bodies belonged to criminals who were trying to steal electricity cables and cause the community to be without electricity. I don't mean to be petty, but I'm glad they met their fate so harshly.

Freedom Park has never been the safest township in the country but the establishment of Tjovitjo shacks has given criminals a platform to thrive. Community members can no longer wander the township safely because they get mugged during broad daylight. On the latest scandal around the illegally erected shacks, Metro police and SAPS officials took back electricity cables that were being readied to connect electricity to the shacks. The question is, where do people from Tjovitjo get electricity cables? Why are they going the illegal route to connect to electricity when they separated themselves from Freedom Park knowing very well that they are going to a place of darkness? It is alarming that there have been so many incidents of stolen electricity cables in our community and Tjovitjo residents are connected to electricity illegally.

What are your thoughts? Where did Tjovitjo residents get electricity cables? Are law enforcers wrong to take back the electricity cables?

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January 21, 2022

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