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Road Accident

"Selfish" Man jumped on a busy road and got hit by a car and Mzansi is feeling sorry for the driver

Suicide in South Africa is a complete NO, or one can say Suicide in the entire of Africa and the world is a NO but people always finds ways to continue doing it.

This page is not promoting any kind of suicide but people should do that on their own and not involve others in their selfish decisions and i am saying that because:

A man allegedly jumped on a busy from the bridge in an act of committing suicide and a car hit him so badly that his chances of survival are very slim.

According to South Africans this was a selfish decision from the man who jumped off on a busy road from the Bridge and got hit by an innocent driver and now they are feeling sorry for the driver who will have to live the rest of his or her life with the guilt of having killed a person.

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