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SA citizens fumes with anger on twitter over the Zim permits extended for 5 years: Opinion

A lot of people like to comment about this issue of permit extension without considering the bigger picture. The driving away of the foreigners that are permit holders can cause a big to economic crush in our country. Most of them that have permits are well employed, there are driving, they are paying for houses, they are on different kinds of debit orders, and for them to leave or driven away out of South Africa, it may make a lot of business fall.

Business may fall because a lot of them will drive away with the cars they are still owing, and never come back. A lot of them will go away still owing a still owing some close companies still over scambani is still owing.

Some still owning their houses, in case they are paying mortgages. It is going to be a big disaster, so the extension of permits for 5 years, it only makes sense. It is going to happen overtime, so we better get used to it.

While we are looking at the unemployment rate in South Africa that has gone over 30%, the people that knows how the economy functions, they are looking at the bigger picture. I think they are the ones that will come forward to give the government adevice about the advantages of extending the Zimbabwean permits.

BREAKING NEWS: I got information from a colleague in the Presidency that the #ZimPermits have been extended by another 5yrs. The official decision will be announced soon. @GovernmentZA @CyrilRamaphosa

Whether we like it or not, but it shows that most of the legal Zimbabweans that are within the borders of South Africa, are a big part of South Africa's economy, and also doesn't make sense to say they are contributing to the unemployment rate because, the permit holders are less than a million.

According to the statistics, there are about 600000 permits holders, and that fraction cannot be said that it has caused the unemployment rate to be high, unless if we are talking of the illegal foreigners. The permits are good because, they can make them traceable if they do any crime.

The government knows where to find them, but if they refused to be give them permits, it means they'll enter the country illegally, and whatever they do they will not account for it because, they can not be traced.

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