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Opinion: Things used to keep black people down, alcohol Polos, model C accents and groove.

Africa is one of the richest continents on the planet in terms of minerals but it is also the poorest. A question was raised recently on Twitter as to what are the things things that keep Africans down?

I personally think it takes a long time to overcome the evil effects of a government that approved discrimination. Even after the government stopped requiring discrimination, l guess there were many ways that the wealthier captalists were able to provide poor education and few opportunities for Africans.

In the recent post that got the attention of many, the guy suggested these elements in his post are the causes of poverty for African descendants. 👇🏾

Fair enough, history and prejudice is a huge part if it, but l thnk culture is another factor. It's a shame that culturally African tend to under-value education. This helps prolong the vicious circle. I think this is a huge problem that also needs to be fixed.

A lot of tweeps responded to the post by throwing all sorts of different comments regarding this matter as you will see below in the comments.

Do you really think black people are affected by these elements?

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