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Society:Man Found Dead In The Electricity Pole After Trying To Steel Cables See Here

People must respect the electricity because it is very dangerous old man stealing electricity cable climbing the electricity pole and die there.

I know it's painful to see someone dying in front of sometimes people must think before they act everyone knows that electricity is very dangerous once you climb the electricity Pole you must be aware that anything can happen.

It's a time that people must look for something to do or find a job because once you're not working and you're old it is a problem to the city because you'll be thinking of doing criminal activity which will put everyone at risk including yourself.

The community had strange sound and went to the scene they found a man dying on top of the electricity cables showing that the man was trying to steal the electricity cable just to make profit but unfortunately I didn't make it since he died there and scene.

people advised to respect the electricity because if they continue this activity of disrespecting and trying to steal electricity cable they will not only cost the state because at the end of the day the state has to repair all the damages caused by individual who are obsessive with profit.


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