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A guy posted that his Girlfriend was packing his clothes and she found something.

accAccording to the guy his girlfriend took his clothes to wash them and the guy never bothered searching his pants to check for anything that could land him in trouble.

This is the most confusing part how do you let someone take your stuff without checking, Enen if you know you don't cheat or anything as a person you should always check your pants especially when you are planning to clean or wash your clothes.

Now our soon to be victim is asking fir help as to how to explain the panty that his girlfriend found in his pocket a lot of people on twitter had a lot to say to the guy, advises have been given to the guy but the bottom line is he is the one who has to face his angry girlfriend and suffer the quencyquencies.

I wish i was a fly on his wall when he try to explain his way out of this mess.

please leave an advise to our soon to be victim.

Guys my girlfriend was packing my clothes and she sent me this,she found it in my jeans pocketI don't know what to say to her when I get home

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