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7 Saps Memes that may make you laugh.

South Police Service officers can be strange sometimes. They are often caught up in controversies and are accused of things. However there are good officers. To appreciate the good and the bad, here are seven SAPS memes to make you laugh.

This was during lockdown when the police was patrolling the beaches. However at the same time illegal gatherings were taking place. There priorities are kind of funny that way.

I don't know whether this officer is moving hi own things or someones else's but it looks like. Good business venture. Instead of taking bribes, police officers should move things in their off time. They'll finally be offering a useful service while making money legally.

Our amazing law enforcement officers getting robbed. I do hope that this is staged or some kind of training exercise because it would really hurt my heart if it was real.

Police officers with their drinks having a nice braai. I do not know whether this was after work or an end of the year party, but I do hope it's not while they were on duty.

The Charlie's angels pose here is what gets me, just a group of cops who seem to be having a lot of fun while on the job.

Well of course when you take the picture at the wrong time it's going to look like this. However there are a lot of amazing officers doing good work, despite the bad ones.

Sometimes officers need swag too, a nice ride in the middle of all the bland police vans is appreciated.

These memes were all shared for humor purposes and are not meant to offend anyone. What do you think of these memes, are they funny or not. Tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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