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Generation the legacy| Kabisi nightmare has become a reality



Kabini has feared that the kidney that has been making him alive belongs to someone that he knows was brutally killed for the sake of making him live, has become a reality that he cannot avoid for the rest of his life because it keeps haunting him back when he is sleeping.

After buying a motorbike the old man has found himself spending the night in the prison cell after he was arrested for speeding the road last night, which might make things worse for his family because the Moroka family are well respected on this site business world and they will do anything to save their business.

But the old man has found himself in the hot water because the past has come to haunt him and Tamryne's spirit is giving him sleepless nights.

But he just can't control himself for this because it continues causing having for him which is not good for his health because of the surgery he had.

Maybe now he can realize that the true hearts and he could avoid if not knowing the truth because they are making him think otherwise.

But something is still not adding up for this old man because once Mpho knows about this things might get worse than before as he is seeking revenge on his friend on the people.

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Kabini Kabisi


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