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News updates: Police Officer shot dead near a liquor outlet he is killer is on the loose

News updates: Police Officer shot dead near a liquor outlet he's killers are on the run here is what happened 


The police have set out a searching team for the suspects who brutally murdered a police officer and another man near a liquor outlet, the incident happened in a blink of an eye, other people who were at the scene claim that they did not see anything at all.

The police officer who was off duty was shot dead and also the other man, their families are left in shock after such a brutal incident, the suspect is still in the run at the moment, the police are up and down looking for the suspect. 

Police spokesman Colonel Donald Mdhluli asked the community to keep updated if they see suspects around age 35-year-old, they also mentioned that he's armed and dangerous. 

The police also mentioned that there have been so many unknown killings of police officers over the past few months and they are doing everything they can to prevent that and to continue protecting the community. 

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