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Avalon Cemetery under attack, from criminals and thieves, stealing anything that they can sell

Gone are the days when the cemeteries were respected and a no go zone. When I was young, pointing to a cemetery with a finger was something that was frowned upon. We had to use a fist when pointing to cemeteries, we were told not to look towards a cemetery and there was just so many do's and don'ts that surrounded the cemeteries. Things have changed, that respect has gone out of the window. People view cemeteries as just a place to bury the dead and where they can go and committee crime.

The Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) said that the criminals have ensured that the perimeter fence and the wall surrounding the Avalon cemetery is completely destroyed. These breaches enable easy access to the cemetery from all sides. The Avalon cemetery fence has not been repaired or replaced since it was vandalised due to budgetary limitations and other demands the city faces.

The vandalism includes breaking up stones, tiles for no apparent reasons as they do not have any economical value. Stealing includes metal tags to label graves, expensive walls or tiles and in the worst cases a tombstone itself. It is not clear whether these are recycled or sold back to the tombstone manufacturers

The Avalon cemetery has a historical and political heritage as some of the well-known struggle heroes are buried here. The likes of Hector Peterson, Lilian Ngoyi and many other heroes have been buried here. But their historical heroism means nothing to the criminals, vandals and thieves.

What do you think has caused this disrespect towards the cemeteries. What do you think communities and the government should do to prevent this. Have you suffered this type of vandalism, for your family member's tombstone being vandalised. Please share your thoughts


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