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The Traffic Officers Has A New Trick Of Collecting Bribery From Wreckless Drivers (see this)

Its funny how a lot of people never hestitate to call the police and other officers of the law corrupt for accepting bribery money from people whom they have caught at the wrong side of the law yet even who be offering this bribery are also corrupt by doing so.

For example traffic officers.It is no secret that this man and woman are always going home with some funds which is well known as the Cold drink fare (bribery) they get from drivers whom are at the wrong side of the roads rules such as drunk an driving.Over loads.Driving without liscences an so on.

Well now that a lot of people seems to be starting to play mind games were they do things right whenever they see traffic just to avoid paying bribes.The traffic seems to have a new trick of catching the drivers at the wrong side of the law and collect the bribery funds.

Check out what they doing.

What happnes here is that they plant those boards in outskits of towns mostly were they know that people likes over speeding at.

Once a driver see this board from a distance the driver will behave themselves thinking its the traffic and once they approch it and realize is not they relax and go back to overspeeding and that is where they get the actual ones.

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