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SASSA issues out grant report which may be misleading

Over two month ago, social development minister Lindiwe Zulu announced that the second cycle of the social distress relief grant (SRD) would be reinstated for another term. Today, SASSA has released a preliminary srd covid-19 report that outlines the “success” of the programme.


SASSA an entity of the Department of social development confirmed today that they surveyed a group of people who were aged between 34 years and younger. The findings of the report shows that 93% of recipients found that the information on how to apply for the grant was easily available and clear. 70% of the recipients have matric or higher grade qualification and 82.8 % of grant applicants were Black Africans.

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At the start of August when the payment run began, everyone who has registered on the system would be paid in August according to SASSA. A lot of people have expressed their frustrations and are reliant on the R350 payment. Many have complained about the difficulty of viewing your status and knowing whether they are approved or not. Desperate for answers, individuals have tried to contact SASSA on their customer care line or social media pages, however their attempts are brushed aside.

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What I find to be astonishing is that the President of the country, Cyril Ramaphosa hasn't questioned nor asked what the delay is with payments. For some, it's been over two months now waiting for the R350 payment with no end in sight. Last month, SASSA released a press release that stated that people should change their payment methods because it was convenient for them. I ask myself, why ask people to do so at such a late time? Why didn't they initially say that all payments would be made into approved bank accounts? This whole thing of giving people false hope and promises has got to stop. The country has the highest unemployment rate and still they want to play with peoples emotions and time.

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