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'See what these women were caught doing at a mining site that got people talking

Take a Look At What These Women Were Caught Doing On Camera At A Mining Site That Has Everyone Talking.

After coming across this video, many users of social media were unable to maintain their composure over the disturbing behavior that was captured on tape involving a group of ladies who were present at a mining site. It is clear from looking at the screenshots taken from the video included in this article that these women are at a galamsey site and they are arguing about who gets to keep the dirty.

When spectators saw this film for the first time, they were confused as to why the participants were using their pans to battle over the unclean water. There are flecks of gold in the murky water, and it's possible that the more of them you bring to the designated location, the more money you'll receive in return. However, after watching this video, numerous viewers said that they would never want to do such a dangerous work.

The women are feeling depressed since they can see the machine operator is throwing unclean water on them as they are also fighting over it. This makes them sad. Some Ghanaians have stated that galamsey appears to be their means of subsistence, and that they are compelled to do everything in their power to get money in order to provide for their families.

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