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All is not well, Sexwale started it, now Hawks are on the Heritage Fund

The drama that is going on in the ANC is set to continue and heads are expected to keep rolling in the next few months.

There now seems be arrests that are set to be made as the Directorate of Priority Crime that is the Hawks issued out a statement on the 22nd of April 2021.

Tokyo Sexwale enlightened the nation that there were funds that had been secured for unemployed South Africans during the pandemic which now seem to have disappeared.

It looked like a dig into the presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC has been notoriously known for being extremely corrupt.

In a tweet that was shared by SAPS today, it read, "The Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation can confirm that a case of fraud alternatively theft was opened with regards to the so-called Heritage Fund. #FightingCorruption ML"

It is not yet known who will be investigated in this case as Sexwale claimed that there was someone who wanted to swift money to him from Australia to pay the unemployed.

What is not yet known is how that money was to be repayed as the country's debt is ballooning with each passing day.

Tito Mboweni and the treasury are being touted as some of those who might be hounded by the Hawks this time around regarding the latest case.

An investigation by SAPS into the case may lead to the arrest of all those who are found wanting.

However some do not believe that the local authorities have the power to arrest any of the bigwigs who will be found wanting.

In South Africa, it seems like a mammoth task for top politicians to be arrested even though they may be found heavily involved in corrupt acts.

Several cases have been exposed and it may be hard to count on who got convicted especially if they are linked to the political elites.

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