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D R An M A: As Rosemary cause another stir on social media after she did this

Nomia Rosemary Ndlovu is on trial for the murders of five family members and her lover in exchange for insurance money.

Briefly News has compiled a list of the trial's major highlights so far.

From denying killing her family to contradicting the facts, Ndlovu's mother has done it all.

"She informed 9/9 that they needed to provide evidence since she knew they just had circumstantial evidence."

A guy can work for ten years with an unemployed wife and still be happy, while a woman can only work for five days before the entire community learns about her husband's unemployment. She must be rotting in prison. However, because she is a woman, she will be sentenced to ten days in prison. This has nothing to do with Satan or demons...a it's complete misunderstanding.

If Satan is to blame for our deeds, God is being unjust in punishing man for what Satan has done.

We are accountable for our actions; there is no such thing as "Satan forced me to do it."

Only Jesus, via the Holy Spirit's indwelling, transforms a human being into a doer of good, as God intended."

a Facebook follower stated


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