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Theft robbery

ANC is unspeakable they even looted money for tent lights, Campaigned in darkness.

ANC really outdone themselves at this point that they would allow themselves to suffer the injustices of their own hands and their thinking capabilities. It seems there is a picture trending in all parts of social media after it was taken and it was regarded as a joke but people couldn't get the joke as to where it was. After taking closer look and analysation here is what people noticed on this picture.

Here is the picture that has been trending all throughout the twitter social media platform.

If you can notice the ANC campaigning tent is next to the DA but that's not the case because if you look closely you will notice that DA tent has lights but as for ANC they in the Darkness it seems they looted money for the tents light. They are campaigning in the dark and that is just unbelievable how a whole ANC tent was going through loadshedding when electricity was not even off.

This is just to show that they don't care about anything because they cannot even bring services to themselves then how can they bring services to other people. If they are sitting in yhe dark and other tents have lights.

This is just a government of squandering money without good things to show for it.

Here are more comments of the situation after the picture was posted on social media platform.

Source :Twitter social media platform

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