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Road Accident

VIDEO| Katlehong Residents Living In Fear After What Happened To This Uber Driver


Taxi Associations have a problem with Uber drivers and they continue to demand that they stop using their routes. In an unfortunate incident, a young woman was with her sister, niece and daughter were chased by members of the taxi association after they were picked up by an uber driver at a mall.

During the chase, the association started throwing stones at them, with no regard for the lives of the passengers in the car that they were chasing. After a long chase, the driver managed to get away.

However, not all drivers are that fortunate. In a video that has gone viral, an uber driver was caught picking up a passenger by members of the Katlegong taxi association. He tried to get away with no success and ended up danaging his car. Thereafter, the association caught him and dragged him out out of his car.

They then started to whip him, calling him all sorts of names. They forced him to get into their car, but everytime he refused, they whipped him. The young men that were whipping him did not care who was watching, all that they wanted to do was to teach the uber driver a lesson.


This has angered many people, demanding to know why the taxi associations behave like they own all South African roads. Some are calling on minister Fikile Mbalula, asking him why the law has not taken its course against associations who continue to terrorize Uber and Bolt drivers.

Many Uber drivers refuse to pick up clients from taxi ranks and malls because they fear for their lives. Taxi drivers and their associations forget that customers request that rides from the app, that Uber drivers do not go around looking for customers and it is not their fault that many customers prefer Uber over taxis.

I have been victimized by a taxi association before, and this kind of experience was not only traumatizing for me but for my sister, daughter and niece as well. Uber contacted me and paid me for the damage on my phone but everytime I see a taxi association, my blood boils.

The government has do something to protect Uber, Bolt and Didi drivers and their customers. Taxi associations and taxi drivers cannot continue doing as they please. They are not above the law.

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