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Hawks arrested Four ANC Government employees for corruption.

Politicians are like traffic lights that function, the colour of their view changes constantly, depending on their audience at any given time. The ANC is a national problem and an emarrassment to the nation. Whatever is happening in South Africa is so painful and shameful to our country, is not country that you can be proud of. Because of Corruption that is happening in ANC government. ANC side drama is now on our national agenda. The Hawks have arrested 4 employees of the South African Social Security Agency, SASSA, on fraud charges in the Eastern Cape. The suspects are accused of defrauding the agency to the tune of R 5.7 million through the creation of bogus beneficiaries.

South Africans are really confusing me at times. Under apartheid when there was death penalty as a deterrent, people's lives were valuable. Crime was under control and rule of law existed. But today my fellow South Africans don't want death penalty back.

We wish South Africans disabused themselves of politicians. Politicians are dispensable. They're not your ticket anywhere. You're their boss, not the other way round. You call the shots. Use your power. Only you can strip them of their superiority complex. They answer to you. Make it count because when we analyse the ANC is like a vehicle that was taking us to our destination. However, it was hijacked in 2008 in Polokwane by thieves. Cyril was in the front seat but did nothing as he feared them. Now he is driving it and we thought finally it is back on track. Alas there is a gun on his head sadly.

Our Last words is you have to know that Political parties all of them are like that absent dad who forever promises to buy the kid a tricycle for his/her next birthday. And it's always, "Next birthday, I swear" and he never even shows up. If that works for you, swell. Doesn't work for me. Wake up.

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