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Mzansi Says That The Whistle Girl Needs To Be Stopped And Here's Why.

Date || 27 November 2021

Source || Twitter


It seems like everytime this girl who's referred to as the whistle girl appears on social media and makes waves with the whistling skills, something that many people wish not to happen, happens. Last year, when the whistle girl first came into the scene, we got news that we had our first faces of the corona virus. Then, the virus spread immensely and sadly took many people's lives. 

Many people made jokes that the whistle girl called the corona virus to the country with her whistle and, therefore, we also got the corona virus and even had a harsh lockdown imposed on us. A lot of things were closed down during this lockdown and, even alcohol was not being sold which the idea of it not being sold didn't sit well with a lot of people. 

Photo credit: Google

Now, since the whistle girl resurfaced not long ago when she was spotted dancing and blowing her whistle at a certain club, a lot of people were on alert and said that people should prepare themselves as this might mean something bad. These people might have been joking but it seems like not long after the whistle girl made waves, a new varient of the corona virus was discovered in South Africa and, it might put the country in another harsh lockdown. 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Now, since it's almost December time and people want to party and have a good time, they are therefore not pleased by this at all. The even made posts that the whistle girl needs to e stopped because they believe that the whistle girl came back just to make matters worse for us once again. 

Photo credit: Twitter

It's honestly funny that this is actually a thing but more and more people supported this idea of getting the whistle girl stopped. Here's more of their posts: 

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

Photo credit: Twitter

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