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Husband and wife relationship

A Lady Left Everyone Talking In Social Media After She Did This To Her In Laws In #XRepo.

A Lady Left Everyone Talking In Social Media After She Did This To Her In Laws In #XRepo.

Big ups to this lady for dealing with her selfish in-laws. #XRepo will deal with a lot of silly in-laws that chase away makoti (daughters in law) after their husbands passed on. #XRepo is slowly catching up to Skhipha Amafiles for me, as favourite show

A Woman Went to XRepo seeking help after her husband passed away. Her in laws no longer want her in the house she build with her husband. She now want her furniture, her home and the gate. Her in-laws started to mistreat her after the funeral of her husband. 


What a beautiful house, this woman must fight for this house. They have been living comfortably on her dime and sweat. Family tried to steal her stuff, even denying that lobolo was paid... Well done sesi humble these illegals.

Viewer were so happy that she got her stuff back. she's such a strong women her husband was intimidated by that nowonder he became a monster. Depression is real,this lady went through a lot to the extent of almost losing her mind.

This woman is what we always say “you forced my hand” she’s such a sweet person you can tell, she felt so bad doing this. Mama has moments where she thinks she is the host of the show #XRepo. 

"This is part one, I'm coming back with part 2 and 3". 

She really worked hard. . .cabanga beautifying your home for camels to come in later and tell you otherwise. This lady should have taken also the kitchen unit too they should be humble le family.

Mzansi feel pain when they heard this guy use South African ID but he is from Lesotho. This guy real name is Fusi from Lesotho but got an fake South African I.D called Pule. In part 2 they must discuss the issue of ID as well ...all of a sudden he is Pule. She’s coming back for the car in the garage and the house next. Gates are expensive it’s good she didn’t leave that pricey possession. 

Sis Zeni is not in a fight as she said she is willing to sell the house and give her in-laws half of the money. The in-laws must just humble themselves and work with her. They should help her get the house too, they must not get any money in return. What I love about this show is that they need proof. Better than rea tsotella #XRepo.

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