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Haibo | Angry Community Members Allergedly Attacked The Police In Klerksdorp And Did This

Although being a law abbiding citizen is a must, its quite sad to see that a lot of South Africans can't keep up with being "good citizens" no more because the law seems to be failing them big time, This normally ends up pushing them into taking the law into thier own hands as in engaging into mob justice attacks to their perpetrators 

Well be that as it may, One can say that this whole situation of people taking the law into their own hands,strikes should be re-looked into amd restructured if possible because now instead of fixing what the law seems to be faling to fixto the people's satisfaction, It is creating more problems for both the state and different communities 

I mean have a look at what a mob in Klerksdorp did to a police van this after 

Video link :

According to my source :

It is allerged that this police van was set alight by angry community members who were beating a man accused of sexually abusing a 10 year old child, What really happened was that as the mob was dealing with the man the police interfeared and rescue him them they got attacked too and the attack led to the van being burnt as you can see up there

So now with all this being this way here's what various mzansi people has said regarding this situation (read the screenshoots attached below)

With all this being said and you looking at this from a view that a very soon the very same community will be complaining about the resourced such as vans what is it that you have to say, Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please 

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