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No ransom demands yet for Limpopo businessman whose 4 boys were kidnapped

It was a normal day for 4 siblings; as usual; the boys were being driven to Curro Heuwelkruin; a private school in Dalmada; by their 64 year-old driver; in a Charcoal BMW vehicle; when they were ambushed by 7 men all dressed in white overalls and driving a silver grey; Kia Sportage and an unlicenced black Mercedes Benz.

The men immediately blocked the BMW and started shooting scaring the children out of their wits. One minute the children were heading to school; the next they were bundled into a Mercedes Benz and kidnapped.

For Alaan (13); Zayyad (11); Zia (15); and Zidan (6); the nightmare had just begun. The young innocent children were probably crying their eyes out; trying to understand what was happening to them.

But an even more harrowing shock was awaiting their parents; Nazeem and Shakira Moti; who spent last night not knowing if their children had eaten or even slept; after being robbed of their freedom by unkown gunmen.

The driver said the two vehicles headed towards R81; driving off with the 4 children; while he was left in the middle of the road unharmed.

Meanwhile; messages of sympathy are pouring in for the Moti family; during this difficult time of not knowing what is going to happen next. A ransom call would give a better understanding of what the Motis are faced with; but total silence is suspenseful.

The Limpopo police on the other hand are searching high and low for the kidnapped kids; following leads that are getting colder and colder as time passes.

Neighbourhood watches are on overdrive; trying to piece very little information together. Companies with CCTV footage have been asked to come forward with the information that may have been recorded.

The wealthy businessman and his wife have not offered any rewards for information leading to the capture of the perpetrators as well as information of where the children could be.

All the children's cellphones were found abandoned; which has minimised the chances of the boys being traced through their phones. Social media spread rumours that the children had been found but this is not the case.

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