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CRUEL| He should be captured for doing this


S3xual direction Based Violence in our country has been an issue for a significant length of time now, it has suffered for a serious long time and doesn't seem to improve. 

The abuse of women has been assessed among the most critical rate on earth, a woman in this country will undoubtedly be executed by a man, generally their assistants. 

Not a month passes by without an example were a woman is killed in the ownership of a man. 

Today we woke a to an unpleasant video and pictures moving by means of electronic media, it was a man faulting her significant other for misdirecting beating her and pulling her across the ground. 

A twitter customer named @master_nzama shared it out of concern and stress, he qouted "No man lets retweet this until aboshwe" 

Which deciphers "No man lets retweet this until he is caught" 

He continued beating and pulling her as she cried, it was essentially like he was liking it. 

He ended up pulling her hair and swearing at her, He ought to be caught, this kind of lead ought not go on without genuine outcomes and it is cutthroat. 

In the background there were people watching and encouraging him to stop and he didn't. Despite how the woman had managed him, his direct is prohibited. 

Here are screen catches of the video under: 

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