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RIP: A Police Officer Was Painfully Killed On Her Way From Work, Here’s What Happened

When will it be that we no longer hear about the abduction or murder of innocent mothers and children? Considering that a murder of a woman or child is reported almost daily. Police officers, who are paid to keep the public safe, are increasingly falling prey to the very crimes they are paid to prevent. Recently, there has been an uptick in the number of policewomen killed by their spouses in hospitals.

One another law enforcement official was just gunned down in the line of duty. A police officer from the Delft suburb of Cape Town, Shamielah Arendse, was shot and killed yesterday, June 21. Shamielah was on her way home from work when she heard the gunfire as she stood in the street. And then they opened fire on her. Due to the lack of arrests, it is still impossible to say whether or not this incident was targeted.

Her death had an impact on a lot of individuals. The public is demanding that authorities make no effort to conceal their search for her killer. We all feel less safe in the future because of the death of a police officer, and not just the officer's immediate family. Therefore, we're begging the government to do everything it takes to restore respect for our police force, as criminals will continue to gun them down unless that changes.

Police officers are an integral part of any community and are essential to the stability of any nation. Therefore, a mandatory life sentence should be given to anyone convicted of murdering or assaulting a law enforcement officer. Is there anything you think can be done to stop the senseless killing of moms, children, and police officers? Please share your opinions in the space provided.


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