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Enyobeni Survivors Confess “We Were Given Free Alcohol That was Already Opened When We Got There”

Victims claimed they were given free shots, wine from open bottles, and food, according to interviews conducted by eNCA's Mtila. We may wish it otherwise, but the tragedy at the Enyobeni Tavern was not an accident. The survivors' reasonable descriptions of what happened prove that the entire operation was preplanned. The party's intended entertainment value was completely wasted. According to those who made it out alive, they were given free shots and drink before being released. 

The assailant chose that day because they knew children would be present. It is unknown why the smoke only impacted the teenagers and not the security guards or the rest of the pub patrons. Perhaps someone with a grudge against the tarven had been keeping a watch on it for some time and decided that the presence of youngsters made this the ideal time to act. 

In fact, however, it is not sufficient to merely criticize the business owner and her staff; these minors and their parents must also be held accountable. Can parents get any rest when they're constantly fretting about where their kid might be? Because of their child's actions, they are losing sleep at night. Even the most hedonistic parents might feel remorseful if their offspring began imitating their own reckless lifestyle. This is the tragic account of promising young heroes who perished before their time because their elders were ignored.


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