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Which One Is More Beautiful Between ANC RDP and Mamkhize Houses? See Photos

One of the provinces that was severely impacted by the floods was Kwazulu Natal, and as a result, a great number of people's homes were destroyed. It appears that the government's efforts to recompense the victims are failing, as evidenced by the fact that some people are still without homes even now despite their ongoing efforts. Many individuals are staying with their family, while others are forced to sleep in makeshift shelters because the floodwaters destroyed their homes. 

A good Samaritan woman is currently assisting those who are without a home and may be found in the thick of all of this activity. The well-known businesswoman Mamkhize donated twenty of her homes to the victims of the flooding in KZN. Her homes are exquisite in design and appearance; they even come fully furnished and equipped with a bathroom. She takes care of every detail. Look at some of these pictures that are below:


After this was shared on social media, many people were left feeling so inspired that they began advocating for Mamkhize to establish a political party so that they could support her candidacy for the presidency. People started making comparisons between the houses that she is building and the RDP that the ANC government is offering, and they wanted to know which of the two was more beautiful: the houses that Mamkhize is creating or the houses that the ANC government is offering. You may view some images of the ANC RPS here: 


In comparison to the ANC government, I believe that Mamkhize is making significantly more progress. The RDP that is being implemented by the ANC government is devoid of any merit. I have a feeling that the government of the ANC is using low-cost builders, and they don't even bother to make follow-up checks. Because of this, the dwellings do not compare favorably to the ones that Mamkhize is constructing. 

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