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Lady died after electrocuted in bed by a new cellphone charging it


A lady died after she bought a new cellphone and charging it. She was excited of the new cellphone but she didn't know that it will cause her death.

It was been seen previously that when charging a phone and you happen to sleep nor rest your arms on the charging cable of the phone it can kill you. Well it happened again in the history of a 54 years old woman from Thailand who was found dead because of the new cellphone.

Yooyen Saenprasert like to play games on her phones. The battery 9f the phone got flat and she enjoyed playing as it makes time to passes fast. According to her husband, it was in the evening when Yooyen was replaced and playing games in her phone.

Her husband said it was in the evening when he left to visit their fish pond, when he returned he found his wife dead in the bed. The husband said he went out for a very long time as he believe Yooyen was dead for more than 4 hours.

The birthday gift bought for Yooyen caused the death of a 54 year old Thailand woman. She received the new cellphone two days before her death.

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Yooyen Yooyen Saenprasert


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