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Mall of Africa is a dangerous place to do shopping. Run for your life. See why

Here in South Africa we thought Mall of Africa is a good place to do a shopping and entertaining ourselves, but we were totally wrong. People are being robbed in Mall of Africa each and every day. We need to take care of ourselves when we go to Mall of Africa. Because Mall of Africa in no longer a safe place at all. Please check the screenshots of people crying about mall of Africa.

And There's other victim shared her story who went to do a shopping at Mall of Africa and being robbed as well. The victim shared a threat on Social Media a detailed thread of what happened to her so that others too can be warned. She was at Mall of Africa shopping on Thursday 23 September 2021. Her cellphone was in her hand the entire time until, she needed to look for a specific item inside the store. She put her cellphone in her handbag, closed it and looked for the item. Got the item and walked to the till to pay. As she was walking towards the pay point, someone else's iPhone rang in the store, so she thought it was her phone and reached for it in her bag, but she could not find it.

The lady story says: I was carrying a small crossbody bag so there was really not much space. I looked in the trolley, took out items thinking maybe it fell in there even though I knew I put it in my bag. At this point it was shock and denial, because my phone was gone. I immediately ask the person who's iPhone rang to call my phone, it rings and there's no answer. I went to the closest ATM to block my card and then ran off to the iStore so they can help me find my iPhone. We logged into my cloud and find my iPhone had already been disabled. At this point it clicks to me that my phone is really gone and I proceed to find means to get an Uber and go home and to the SAPS. My friend Asisipho gets me an Uber home and I change, put all the groceries and stuff I had and went to the SAPS. So I open a case of theft and they ask for necessary details, I call my family back home to assist since my cellphone box and everything was there. They help me and I open the case. The officer helping tells me there's a whole syndicate at Mall of Africa. It's women who do this. They travel in groups of 3-5, they work with certain people inside the mall and they target you, especially when they see you are alone. They take cellphones, bags, sometimes cars and anything else really. This is their 9-5 and there's at least 1 caught every week.

Anyway, I go back home and sleep because I have a flight to catch at 06:15 on Friday morning to PE for my sister's wedding. I land in PE and my mom advises I go to the bank to make a new card because I will need money over the weekend. I get to the bank and they do so. The consultant assisting me says but there's no money in your account. I tell him there is because I had money in my account, I had some savings and I got paid so my salary had reflected on Thursday evening. He shows me the accounts have been cleaned out. Literally R0. 00 on all. I'm in disbelief at this point because there's no way. He tells me all the money was transferred using my banking app, into another account that was opened on the same Thursday, then withdraw at an Atm at Mall of Africa still. Anyway, long story short I was left without money and without a phone. The bank is still investigating and as much as there's a possibility they will refund it, it will not be any time soon because there's a case involved, SAPS, the bank needs to conduct their own investigation. It's a long and tedious process, but the long and the short that is what happened. That is how fast they were able to unlock my phone, disable find my iPhone, wipe my cloud, get into my banking app, transfer all my money and withdraw it. Criminals are clever and they are getting better with technology each day. I just wrote this thread to warn you guys, I don't know how you can be careful, but please be careful because I don't wish what happened to me even on my worst enemy. My login/card details are not saved on my phone. My banking app only requires my pin to open, as well as a pin again to do any type of transaction. Please don't ask me how they did it, I also don't know but they did it. These people study the bank's technology, they know it all. Also, as the police said, no matter how careful you are they always find a way. This is not a case of negligence or whatever, my phone was literally in my handbag in front of my body since its a cross body and they opened the zip and took it out. There were people in the store, passing and shopping the same way I was. These people were either following me or were watching me in the shop as their next target the entire time. It must have been taken when people were passing by in the isle I was in also shopping. Anyway, this was a thread to warn people of such syndicates happening at these big malls. It happens at Sandton City, Menlyn, Rosebank and all these other malls. Criminals are extremely advanced with technology. They don't work alone. If you don't have your app on your phone or whatever, well done to you. For those who do, this is a warning because I was literally in and out of MOA. I do everything online including groceries, but sometimes you really need to go. Anyway, I am okay. Trying to make ends meet somehow, while waiting on the bank and SAPS investigation. My hair business website has also been stopped so they don't gain access to my customers and somehow scam them. Another source of income on hold. I don't have a phone so my content creation life is on hold and so are the paying campaigns. Kunzima but akhonto ingadluliyo. Love and light, stay safe.

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